Gut & Immune Healing Program

Learn how to fill your diet with probiotic and fiber-rich foods to heal your gut, four must-have herbal teas to ease your tummy troubles, and the top natural supplements to boost your immunity. Plus you will get our printable Diet Diary to help you track your eating habits and symptom flare-ups.

Inside the Program, you will learn eight DIY lifestyle hacks you can do at home with step-by-step instructions (including castor oil packs, coffee enemas, aromatic steam inhalations, and even magic socks!) to help you bring your body back into balance along with a bonus reading list.

Mindset is key for healing the gut from within, so we also included “The Forgiveness Protocol” mini-training to help you let go of painful memories, anxiety or trauma that has been holding you back from optimal health.

What you will get:

  • Over 35 Handouts and Articles
  • Printable Action Steps & Goal Planner
  • Self-Assessment Quiz and Logsheet
  • What Labs to Order with Sample Test Results
  • Key Supplements for Gut & Immune Healing
  • Video Interviews with our Nourish Programs Experts
  • Bonus Online Resources & Shopping Lists
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Program

After finishing the Gut & Immune Healing Program, I feel like I am able to digest food better. I used to have a lot of bloating and gas and silent reflux, but after finishing the program and establishing all the habits and supplements and foods they recommend, I feel like I made a lot of progress. It’s like just having one of those Nourish doctors with you every day, explaining everything to you, taking your hand and just walking you through all the steps.


Boost Your Immunity & Digestion with the Gut & Immune Healing Program!

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