CONNECTING & Nourishing

Our Naturopathic Community!

Nourish Connections is designed to bring our naturopathic student and professional community together in a positive environment to support one another, learn from top experts and have fun!

Are you ready to have an interactive experience and develop a deeper connection with others in your profession?

Perhaps you feel frustrated because you’ve experienced:


Confusion and overwhelm with contradictory health information


A lack of clinical guidance or business setup


Uncertainty when making healthcare decisions


A lack of connection and community


Fear of speaking up or asking questions without triggering an argument or feeling judged


Will Help You

Enhance your proficiency in naturopathic family medicine
Develop professional relationships and create a network of support and growth in the profession
Feel confident answering patient questions or finding the best resources when you don’t know the best answer
Expand your knowledge around clinical practice and practice management
Learn from experts that not only teach but are also practicing clinicians and parents themselves
Feel informed and empowered to help guide your patients making health decisions for themselves and their family

As a PRO member,

you will have access to

Interactive Live Webinars & Workshops

Join us for our live events! We offer webinars over Zoom and we also offer live workshops that you can attend in-person or over Zoom. We will be sure to reserve time during each event for live Q&A.

Handouts & Resources

Handouts may include tips, websites, resources or coupon codes for discounts on some of the items we discuss during the event.

Private Group Chat

For our members, we invite you to join our private Facebook Group that will keep you connected to other members. Keep in mind, this space is meant to be supportive and to connect to others in a positive way.

On-demand Library of Recordings

Access the entire library of past events you may have missed or want to revisit.

Select Your

Nourish Connections Payment Option

Monthly Membership

$49/ month

Best value!

Quarterly Membership

$120/ quarter

On-demand Only

(Pay per event)

Meet Your Speakers

Dr. Adrienne Stewart

Naturopathic Doctor
Owner & Medical Director of Nourish Medical Center
Dr. Adrienne Stewart is the owner and medical director of Nourish Medical Center in San Diego, California. She is also the creator & founder of their online Nourish Programs.  She loves to help women and men that may be struggling with fatigue, thyroid disease or hormone imbalance. Dr. Stewart and her husband run their small business together and are parents of two young girls. She loves to decorate and garden at home and create fun new ways to support patients and the naturopathic profession.

Dr. Chelsea Gordon

Naturopathic Doctor
Owner & Medical Director of Flourish Family Medicine
Dr. Chelsea Gordon is the owner and medical director of Flourish Family Medicine outside of Seattle, Washington. She loves working with the whole family in a variety of health care needs and has completed extensive education and clinical experience in advanced pediatric care. Dr. Gordon is a mom of three very active kids and loves to spend time in the kitchen and trying out new things.

And Stay Tuned for Special Guests!

Dr. Gordon and Dr. Stewart met in their first year of naturopathic medical school at SCNM in Tempe, Arizona and have stayed connected for 15 years and counting. They enjoy being able to support students and professionals through mentorship and this Nourish Connections membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a member if I live outside of San Diego, California?

Absolutely! You will have the option to attend our events on Zoom so that you can attend anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home.

Who can become a Pro member?

Our Pro membership is open to naturopathic students from any of the accredited naturopathic schools. This memberships is also geared to help new or established naturopathic doctors, MD, DOs or other healthcare professionals interested in further developing their practice in natural family medicine.

What is the benefit of continuing my membership month to month?

One of the greatest benefits is that you will be able to attend our upcoming events live so you can have more hands-on interaction and involvement with our membership.  I addition, you will have continued access to our library of webinars and workshops.  So if you missed any of them or want to revisit a prior event, you have this information at your fingertips.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course.  Cancel at any time and you can finish out the last month of your payment.  And keep in mind, you can rejoin when you are ready again.

If I have more questions, how do I contact you?

For general questions, please email us at
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